avantgard_008: Brane Zorman

14. april at 20.00 MMC Kibla

CTR Unit is a live surround controlled electronic sound
improvisation based on double timeless and spaceless video porjections
(“CTR V1” and “CTR V2”. The 5.1 surround performance is exactly 1200
seconds long. During the CTR performance and sound manupulation various
sound synthesis and techniques are used (granular, sampling, additive,
waveshaping, substractive, etc.) For previous CTR performance and free
audio and video download click here.
All video and audio CTR material found on that page is published under the following Creative
Commons licence and conditions: Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative
Works 2.5 Slovenia


  1. Zormanova avantgarda v Kibli
    (Avtor Marko Pigac / Štajerc.TV / torek, 15 april 2008)


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