radioCona on radio Študent

panel discussion How to fill the pockets of the contemporary artist?!Article 23 – ŠKUC gallery will be broadcasted on Radio Študent, thursday 17 April, at 21.30,radioCona

8 April, at 19.00, there was a panel discussing ‘How to fill the pockets of the contemporary artist?!’. The discussion involved the BridA collective, Alenka Gregorič, Dunja Kukovec, Jadranka Ljubičič, Aldo Milohnič, Bojana Piškur, Irena Pivka, Tadej Pogačar, Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Borut Savski and Tina Smrekar. Together we weer seeking potential solutions that could result in better working conditions and ensure better understanding of the living, production and creative conditions of contemporary artists on the part of state institutions.

In the frame of exhibition Article 23 – ŠKUC gallery

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