radioCona – broadcast 02

Broadcast announcement – June 19. to 30. 2008 – 88.8MHz Ljubljana – Slovenija

The main theme of the broadcast is devoted to authorship. We will take a look at how copyright functions in practise in the music, visual and intermedia area, as well as how digitalization is carried out.

RadioCona supports regulated copyright, though it does not support the obstruction of creativity that takes place through the implementation of the copyright and neighbouring rights laws in force at present. In practise, this happens rather easily; for example, that you cannot realize your own authorial work in a public space without having to pay the reimbursement to a collective organisation.

During our broadcast, RadioCona will open a LEGAL OFFICE for issues related to copyright. RadioZone invites you to visit it and discuss issues related to copyright with us.

We wish to call attention to the functioning of the legislation in force at the moment and examine its after-effects in practise, which – according to Article 147 – provides collective organisations to collect reimbursements on behalf of authors who are not and do not wish to become their members. Programme-wise, we will follow the existing legislation, but we will not pay any money to collective organisations. Thus, we will not play music or broadcast texts.

We are preparing discussions with a number of artists, makers of authorial works. We will also speak with lawyers and other copyright experts.
We are interested whether authors are aware of the rights that the existing legislation provides for. What is the nature of the relation toward those who commission the work? What kind of contracts do authors sign?


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