I love Bucharest

22. – 29.3. 2009 Leonardo da Vinci mobility programme, colaboration between gallery Mora (Bucharest) I LOVE BUCHAREST project and gallery GT Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts (Ljubljana)

Videos are result of a 7 day residence in Bucharest and observation of the city from my perspective.

street/view from my window, 9.00 a.m. 25.3.2009 /0.30 min

behind the curtain / 1.30 min

caru cu bere /2.0 min

city center / 6.0 min/ storyteller Mihaela Miron PR Mora Galery

behind the window / 1.30 min

video link: Dacia: an adaptation/ Julio Soto& Stefan Constantinesce, The ThinkLab Media S.L. 2007


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    It is a very nice. gratulations! O

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