radioCona: Prešerna Ana – Go out & dance

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radioCona 28 – 30. April 2010 – a three day broadcast on 88.8 MHz FM (Ljubljana) & Live streaming.

International Dance day 29. april 2010
more info here:

Zapleši tudi ti / Come and Dance

In order to mark the International Dance Day on 29 April 2010, radioCona and Maska will organize a “dance intervention” at various locations in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The participants will perform a mutually coordinated choreography directed via the 88.8MHz radio frequency. The intervention is based on a reflection on the movement of bodies in public space, the simple, unconscious and occasionally also uniformed protocols that determine our movements and connect or differentiate us.

We invite everyone to join us on Thursday, 29 April in the streets of Ljubljana and on 88.8MHz to jointly honour the International Dance Day.

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