Radio Art Space at Kunstradio

Wiena, Sunday, April 15, 2012, 11.03pm – 11.59pm – Ö1 & RÖI
more info on radioCona web or Kustradio web

We are proud to announce another extension of Sound Arts Space exhibition by radioCona with a short selection of the originally in december 2011 exhibited sound art works that will be this time hosted and presented on Kunstradio.

This, less than one hour selection, will try to focus on shorter sound works that use innovative approaches in exploring radio frequencies and spatial sound elements to create a dynamic and dramatic sound works:
Automating – DePreston-Dedicated to Ambulance Victoria
Henry Gwiazda – Claudia and Paul 2:13 a. m. audio version 2008
Emiliano Zelada – The solemn geographies of our limits
Tom Bogaert  – Black Noise (Black Panel)
Jeff Gburek – Astral weeds 1
Luke Munn — Dead Air
Ingo Gerken & Matthias Meyer – The Invention Of Gravity (Matthias Meyer)
Kabir Carter – Fill The Propagations – The Bangalore Blowtorch


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