radioCona: TRANS_LOCATIVE / exhibition : broadcast : stream : artistwalks

November 6 -15, 2012
exhibition: Aksioma project space, Ljubljana (SI), artistwalks:  Beograd (RS), Mostar, Sarajevo (BIH), Durres (AL), Zagreb (CRO), Ljubljana (SI), broadcast exhibition: radioCona FM 88.8 MHz, Ljubljana

Within the project Trans_Locative we announce exhibition project: Response sound maps /walks and broadcast exhibition: radioCona:Field  more

produce by: CONA institute for contemporary art procesing ,

project partners: Sintoment (Zagreb, CRO) NOFM (Beograd, RS), Abart (BIH)
exhibition partner: Aksioma
FM broadcast partner: RTV SLO zveze in oddajanja
Transmit Walk partners; SMEHOMAT, Maribor 2012 EPK Lifetouch, CoFestival

project and project unites supporters: Allinz Kulturstiftung, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and City Council Ljubljana

Trans_Locative supporters    Trans_Locative who is who

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